Investment Platforms

Assetz Capital is one of the largest peer-to-peer lenders in the UK. Founded in 2013, it has lent over £1bn, while investors have earned over £140m in total gross interest. Investors can opt to choose their own loans or invest via its automated accounts, which can all be IFISA-wrapped.

T: 0800 470 0430


Invest & Fund is an established alternative finance platform, that has deployed over £107m on behalf of clients with zero per cent bad debts written off. Lenders can achieve a diversified, asset-backed portfolio with gross yields starting from 6.5 per cent per annum with an option to lend through an ISA or SIPP for tax-free returns.

T: 01424 717564


JustUs is an innovative peer-to-peer lender that provides a range of consumer and property-backed loans. It has lent out almost £15m and paid more than £1.1m in interest to lenders to date. Investors can enjoy returns of up to 9.61 per cent, with all products eligible to be held in an Innovative Finance ISA for tax-free earnings.

T: 01625 750034


Kuflink is an award-winning lender and online investment platform. With over £142m invested through the platform, investors can customise their own portfolio investing in specific loans or in a pool of loans diversified across a number of opportunities. Earn up to 7.49 per cent per annum (compounded), with an IFISA available.

T: 01474 33 44 88


LandlordInvest matches professional landlords looking for financing with investors that are looking to invest in asset-backed products with a monthly income. Loans range between £100,000 and £750,000. Investors can earn between 5-12 per cent per year, with the option of an Innovative Finance ISA wrapper.

T: 0207 406 1491


Service Providers


Katipult is a provider of award-winning software infrastructure for powering the exchange of capital in equity and debt markets. Its cloud-based platform digitizes investment workflow by eliminating transaction redundancy, strengthening compliance, delighting investors, and accelerating deal flow. Katipult provides unparalleled adaptability for regulatory compliance, asset structure, and localization requirements.

T: +1403 457 8008