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Peer2Peer Finance News | September 23, 2019

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MoneyThing considers introducing discounting on secondary market

MoneyThing considers introducing discounting on secondary market
Marc Shoffman

MONEYTHING is considering an overhaul of its secondary market to let investors offer loans at a premium or discounted rate.

The business peer-to-peer platform has launched a survey for investors to express their views.

“Adding premiums and discounts to the secondary market would allow you to sell your loan for more or less than you bought it,” MoneyThing said.

“For example, if you bought a loan part for £1,000 and later wanted to exit the loan before the term, you could offer the loan for sale to other lenders for a £900 discount or £1,100 premium.”

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Currently, loans are offered on the secondary market at par, but the platform says offering discounts may improve liquidity and would ensure the market is populated by serious sellers.

Investors are asked whether the secondary market should be kept as it is or if both premiums and discounts should be allowed, or just discounting.

A separate poll on the P2P Independent Forum, asking whether the platform should introduce discounting, already shows 58.94 per cent of investors are in favour, 39.07 per cent are against, while 1.99 per cent said they do not know.

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