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Peer2Peer Finance News | October 20, 2018

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Taking care funding into your own hands

October 12, 2018 |

THE GOOD news is, we can all expect to live longer. The bad news is, the older we get, the more likely it is we will need some kind of long-term care – care which, in all probability, we will have … Read More

On brand

October 1, 2018 |

Brand management can be a challenge for peer-to-peer lenders. Narinder Khattoare, chief executive of property-backed lender Kuflink, shows the competition how it’s done…

PEER-TO-PEER finance has a branding problem. “People don’t know what P2P lending is,” says Narinder Khattoare, chief … Read More

Stay on top of the property cycle

October 1, 2018 |

It is important for would-be investors to understand the role the property cycle plays in lenders’ credit risk processes. Andrew Turnbull (pictured below) explains the Wellesley approach…

THERE ARE TWO things that Brits are supposedly famous the world over for being … Read More

The ultimate collateral

October 1, 2018 |

John Butler, chief executive of Lend & Borrow Trust Company, explains how an innovative type of secured peer-to-peer lending could provide greater reassurance in a downturn…

THE RAPID GROWTH of peer-to-peer lending in recent years has been nothing short … Read More

How is the rise in inflation affecting investors?

September 10, 2018 |

IN JULY 2018 the UK’s inflation rate rose to 2.5 per cent for the first time since November 2017.

Whilst this was predicted by the consumer prices index, consumers noticed a significant increase in the price of petrol and public … Read More

The importance of good regulation

September 4, 2018 |

P2P regulation has been in the spotlight lately. But for Narinder Khattoare, chief executive of property-backed P2P platform Kuflink, good regulation has always been a priority…

REGULATION is vital for the success of any industry, but it has been particularly … Read More

Northern star

September 4, 2018 |

Some of the most interesting property investments are currently to be found in the North of England. Jay Patel, relationship director at Wellesley, explains why…

“WE LIKE the North,” says Jay Patel, relationship director at Wellesley. “It’s a nice part … Read More

It’s all crowdfunding

September 4, 2018 |

David Swanson, head of lending at ArchOver, delves into the evolution of the sector…

IT’S ALL crowdfunding. The difference is in the formality of the arrangements and the size of the crowd.

When Kickstarter launched, the premise was that a … Read More

Hey big spender

September 4, 2018 |

Institutional investing is on the rise in the P2P property space. Uma Rajah, chief executive of CapitalRise, explains how big-name investors are finding their place in marketplace property lending…

PEER-TO-PEER investing has not always been closely associated with institutional investors. … Read More

Are you sure you’re on the right digital journey?

August 20, 2018 |

Small businesses must keep abreast of the latest digital developments to avoid being left behind, as Virgin Media Business explains

MODERN firms have never been more reliant on digital technology. But even the most tech-savvy firms can risk being left … Read More