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Peer2Peer Finance News | July 23, 2019

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Strong foundations

July 19, 2019 |

Property is an incredibly popular investment asset, but can it maintain its shine in the peer-to-peer lending sector after high-profile platform failures? Marc Shoffman reports 

PROPERTY IS ONE OF THE fastest growing facets of the peer-to-peer lending sector, drawing its … Read More

Money talks

July 18, 2019 |

2019 IS SHAPING UP TO become the year of the institutional investor. Over the past few months, hundreds of millions of pounds has flooded into UK-based peer-to-peer platforms from a variety of global institutions, all seeking to access the competitive … Read More

Streets ahead

July 15, 2019 |

THE BIG GUNS IN peer-to-peer small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) lending have been pretty successful at opening up the price and availability of both secured and unsecured loans over the past decade or so. Now, says Greg Carter, chief executive … Read More

No alarms and no surprises

July 10, 2019 |

Luke Madden, managing director at Wellesley, was not surprised by the FCA’s revised regulations. In fact, Wellesley has made a habit of planning ahead

THE NEW Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations for loan-based (peer-to-peer) and investment-based crowdfunding platforms have been … Read More

Who do you want on your team? Why institutions are turning to P2P

July 8, 2019 |

David Swanson, head of lending at ArchOver, delves into the benefits of P2P for City investors

WHEN YOU’RE looking for investment opportunities, ask yourself this: ‘who do I want on my team?’ This is as important in life as it … Read More

P2P, property and pensions

July 5, 2019 |

Frazer Fearnhead, founder and chief executive of The House Crowd, makes the case for including P2P property loans in your pension portfolio

IT HAS ONLY BEEN THREE years since peer-to-peer investments were granted ISA status, but now a new tax-free … Read More

Understanding the capital stack

July 2, 2019 |

In the second part of our two-part series, Mike Bristow, chief executive and co-founder of CrowdProperty, explains the importance of the capital stack…

SECURITY is the most important factor that should be considered when lending against anything, whatever the asset … Read More

In chartered territory

July 1, 2019 |

The new FCA recommendations underline the importance of financial expertise in P2P lending, says Neil Maurice, chief finance and operations officer of Loanpad

THE PEER-TO-PEER lending sector is about to undergo a major regulatory shift. New proposals from the Financial … Read More

Spot the difference

June 19, 2019 |

Crowd bonds occupy the same space as peer-to-peer loans, yet they are almost completely different. Or are they….? 

WHEN THE Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) was first introduced in 2016, it provided individuals with the opportunity to gain tax-free earnings from … Read More

A sense of security

June 14, 2019 |

Security provides reassurance for peer-to-peer platforms and investors alike that there may be a way to recover capital in the event of a defaulted loan. But is security always an effective way to mitigate risk? Marc Shoffman investigates…