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Peer2Peer Finance News | August 19, 2019

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What we talk about when we talk about crowdfunding and P2P

August 13, 2019 |

Following Peer2Peer Finance News’ Regulation Breakfast Briefing, UK Crowdfunding Association directors Bruce Davis and Atuksha Poonwassie explain the importance of nimble regulation in a growing sector…

IT HAS BEEN 15 YEARS since the launch of Zopa and nearly 10 years … Read More

How fintech can make credit more affordable

August 12, 2019 |

Chris Gorst, head of Better Markets at Nesta Challenges, explains how the UK’s world-class fintech sector can help the financially vulnerable

High cost credit has been on a rollercoaster ride in recent years. When the high street banks withdrew … Read More

Who do you want on your team? Why institutions are turning to P2P

July 8, 2019 |

David Swanson, head of lending at ArchOver, delves into the benefits of P2P for City investors

WHEN YOU’RE looking for investment opportunities, ask yourself this: ‘who do I want on my team?’ This is as important in life as it … Read More

Focus on security, not risk

May 1, 2019 |

Angus Dent, chief executive of ArchOver, explains the importance of solid security

RISK IS OFTEN SEEN AS a dirty word. Those who don’t understand it often feel instinctively that it’s something they should avoid. But it takes risk to make … Read More

Retail investors must steer clear of unregulated products

April 30, 2019 |

Claire Madden of Connection Capital says there are lessons to be learned from the collapse of London Capital & Finance

The recent collapse of London Capital & Finance (LCF) has understandably provoked an outcry, with much soul-searching about how such … Read More

The boom in litigation funding: Three things you need to know

April 3, 2019 |

Hannah Hooper (pictured) and Tim Bignell in the commercial litigation team at law firm Howard Kennedy delve into the opportunities presented by litigation funding

LITIGATION FUNDERS are doing a roaring trade. No longer considered a last resort for the … Read More

Spending and saving habits of Brits: Will they change in 2019?

December 20, 2018 |

FOR MANY Brits, savings simply aren’t a priority. In fact, earlier this year, research revealed that a quarter of British adults had no savings.

Furthermore, savings fell as a share of our income from almost 12 per cent at the … Read More

Four key considerations when investing in property

December 7, 2018 |

ONE OF the most popular types of investment is property. Investing in bricks and mortar has, for a long time, been considered one of the most profitable and reliable opportunities available. Furthermore, with a barrage of investments to choose from … Read More

Five ways fintech has beaten the banks

December 6, 2018 |

IT’S ALMOST impossible for banks to innovate at the pace of fintechs, who are onboarding customers at a rate the incumbents just cannot ignore.

These new companies are extremely agile and market-focussed, while their lack of legacy procedures means they … Read More

Boosting the IFISA through customer-driven technology

December 3, 2018 |

Angus Dent, chief executive of ArchOver, explains how the platform’s investment in technology has the customer at its core…

PEER-TO-PEER LENDING requires secure, scalable, easy-to-use technology. It’s vital for providers to deliver a secure, user-friendly experience for their investors. This … Read More