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Peer2Peer Finance News | August 24, 2019

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Two directors leave Crowdstacker board

Two directors leave Crowdstacker board
Kathryn Gaw

TWO OF Crowdstacker’s directors have resigned from the company’s board, leaving the peer-to-peer platform’s founder and chief executive, Karteek Patel, as the last remaining director.

Mark Bristow and Julian Turnbull were both recorded as having had their directorial appointments terminated earlier today (18 July). In May, Glen Waters also resigned from his position as a company director.

According to Companies House records, Patel is now the only active director of Crowdstacker.

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“As we move towards transforming the business to offer a broader savings and investment service, we have been focused on bringing on board new senior people, such as Ken Hillen and James Blower, who have the skills we need to guide the future business development,” said Patel.

“Mark and Julian have both been highly instrumental in the formation and creation of the business to date, and will continue to contribute going forward albeit in a slightly different capacity.”

Patel confirmed that both Blower and Hillen would continue to work with Crowdstacker as the firm undergoes a series of changes.

Earlier this month, Crowdstacker announced that it had hired James Blower, founder of The Savings Guru, as an advisor to its board to assist with product development.

At the time, Patel hinted that the platform would soon be launching a new suite of new services, including what he called a “game changing savings-related product”.

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