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Peer2Peer Finance News | August 17, 2019

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Model Risk Management in Banking

Model Risk Management in Banking

Model Risk Management in Banking

Date: 24-26 April, 2019

Venue: London

The need for more models increases as banks become increasingly complex, with large operations, and increasingly difficult risk types to comprehend. Ideally, models are stepping in to make this easier as effective decision making and risk management is implemented at the back of accurate models.  But what happens if the models are not correct? As evidenced in the 2012 JP Morgan scandal now referred to as “The London Whale”, bad model governance can lead a bank astray towards bad decision making (mispricing trades or taking on risk the bank cannot afford) and in turn huge losses. Ultimately banks cannot afford to not have a rigorous validation process in such a complex market as models advance and the important models are no longer only pricing models but sitting across the bank in treasury, risk and finance. This marcus evans conference will look at how banks can implement an industry standard for model risk management which includes a robust model governance standard, model inventory and means to quantify model risk.

Attending this Premier Marcus Evans forum will enable you to:

  • Embed an efficient and meaningful model risk management framework upheld by model users across the bank
  • Create a model inventory capturing all necessary information at the optimal level of granularity for the bank
  • Debate approaches to quantify model risk and how to best report this to the bank’s board
  • Examine the benchmark for good model risk management set by banking regulators and other industry leaders
  • Discover how banks are automating stages of the model validation process and how AI can be applied to mitigate model risk

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