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Peer2Peer Finance News | August 24, 2019

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CCAF to address P2P platform failures in latest research

CCAF to address P2P platform failures in latest research
Marc Shoffman

THE CAMBRIDGE Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) is to look deeper into the issue of peer-to-peer platform failures as it launches its 2018 Global Alternative Finance Industry Survey.

The survey will help inform research institute’s influential annual report on the P2P sector, which it hopes to publish in September. It will also include data from a series of anonymised off-record interviews with platforms over the summer that will look at issues such as platform failures.

P2P lenders will be asked the usual questions on lending volume and the number of investors as well as further queries on how firms are prepared for a platform failure.

The survey, which anonymises all responses, does not specifically mention Collateral but will assess how P2P lenders are preparing for problems, which they can raise during the off-record interviews.

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“Our hope is to shed light on the circumstances around [the Collateral collapse] and what measures are being taken to curb further problems,” Tania Ziegler, senior research manager for CCAF, said.

“This isn’t just an UK issue, so all platforms globally will have the ability to comment and respond.

“Our past reports have been used by regulators and policymakers to make informed decisions on the sector, so it is really important that platforms get involved again this year to make sure that evidence-based, unbiased research remains a key influencing factor.”

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The latest CCAF report showed the whole alternative investment market grew by 43.1 per cent to £4.5bn in 2016, with business, consumer and property P2P platforms proving most of the value.

The survey for the 2018 report closes for UK platforms on 25 June and a week later for European lenders.

You can respond to the survey here: