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Peer2Peer Finance News | October 23, 2018

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Special measures

Special measures

Raja Daswani, the head of Hong Kong bespoke tailor Raja Fashions, delves into the intricacies of a well-made garment

It could be argued that bespoke tailoring is as much a science as it is an art, as there are a multitude of elements that need to be finessed for the perfect garment. Fabrics, fit, colours and any special requirements all need to be taken into account to satisfy a diverse range of customers.

This is something that Raja Daswani, the head of Hong Kong-based tailor Raja Fashions, knows all about. With customers all over the world, including here in the UK, Daswani is used to tailoring clothes to the precise need of every individual.

“Every garment requires a multitude of things,” he explains. “Every shirt has different collar styles, pockets, cuffs, buttons and threads. The customer may want different coloured thread on the button holes or specific inserts on the cuffs.

“The same goes for suits. You can have different kinds of lining and there are a wide variety of pockets that can be custom-made accordingly.”

Indeed, when it comes to special requirements, Daswani has seen it all. As well as the traditional businessmen’s suits, the master craftsman has tailored garments for people with more specific needs.

“We get requests from police officers, civil servants and armed forces that need to carry guns, for example,” the tailor says. “In these cases, we would need to reinforce trousers or jackets, by creating special linings or patches in leather that do not wear out.

“Something very heavy like that would need a more durable fabric outside as well as for the pocketing.”

It’s not just the likes of police officers who have specific requirements.

“We have custom-made additional inside pockets for magicians for example,” Daswani adds.

This specialist experience undoubtedly benefits all of Daswani’s customers, as they can be assured that the same amount of time and care will be put into more standard items of clothing such as tailored suits or dresses. This is not only important when having the bespoke item made, but also for maintenance.

Daswani explains that Raja Fashions’ service does not stop once the garment is delivered, as the tailor is available to repair clothing as well.

“We have many requests to mend shirts, when the collars or cuffs are worn out,” he affirms. “We replace them with brand new ones.

“When we cannot match the exact same fabric, we will opt for white, but it all depends on what the wear and tear is. We try to accommodate.

“People go to clubs, they burn holes with cigarettes in their clothes…we also take care of that. We make sure our customers are satisfied.”

Raja Fashions offers tailored garments at highly competitive prices. Bespoke suits start at £350 for lightweight fabrics and £435 for 100 per cent wool. Raja Fashions’ premium suits go up to £2,500, but the same garment could cost £12,000 on Savile Row.

Raja Fashions is also promoting several special offers at the moment. Customers can buy two suits and two shirts from £580, six shirts or blouses from £298 and a bespoke suit with fabric by Ermenegildo Zegna from £850.

Visit Raja Fashions’ website at or email to book an appointment.

Hong Kong main shop: 34-C Cameron Road, G/F, TST, Kln, Hong Kong.