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Peer2Peer Finance News | March 19, 2019

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Lendy: Savers missing out on £27bn of returns due to inflation

Lendy: Savers missing out on £27bn of returns due to inflation
Suzie Neuwirth

UK SAVERS could lose £26.5bn over the next year as inflation eats into capital in low-interest savings accounts, according to new research from Lendy.

The peer-to-peer property platform claims that savers collectively receive just £10.06bn of interest on the £1.3trn they are putting away, based on the current average interest rate on zero and low-interest bank accounts of 0.77 per cent.

However, with inflation hovering around three per cent, savers are losing £36.6bn in interest, the research showed. By subtracting interest currently earned, this equates to £26.5bn lost to low interest rates and inflation.

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Lendy added that banks may not pass on the Bank of England’s 0.25 per cent interest rate rise – its first rate hike in a decade – to savers in full.

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“The amount savers are losing is staggering, even when the impact of the recent interest rate rise is taken into account,” said Liam Brooke, co-founder of Lendy.

“Savers may well not feel the effects of this directly, with many banks unlikely to pass the interest rate rise on in its entirety. Savers need a Plan B to beat inflation, looking at alternative ways to retain and grow the value of their capital.

“Clearly P2P investments are in a different league to savings – with a very different risk/return profile. However, even allocating just a relatively small proportion of a portfolio to such potentially high-yielding investments could act as a buffer against inflation erosion, provide all-important diversification and help drive returns.”

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