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Peer2Peer Finance News | January 18, 2019

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A suit for all seasons

A suit for all seasons

Raja Daswani, the head of Hong Kong bespoke tailor Raja Fashions, reveals the winter trends among his UK clients

WITH summer in England firmly behind us, it’s no surprise that coats and jackets have been high on the list among Raja Fashions’ customers in the UK.

The Hong Kong-based tailor, which counts the UK as its largest market, has been touring the country over the past couple of months to meet with customers looking to update their winter wardrobes.

“Generally speaking, people start buying their winter clothes from September onwards because the whole process takes four to six weeks,” explains Raja Daswani, the head of Raja Fashions.

“So if they buy in October they can receive the item in December, but people often tend to purchase their winter garments earlier.

“At the moment people are buying coats and jackets. We sell a lot of heavy tweed jackets in the UK at this time of year.”

Raja Fashions has customers all over the world, attracted to the tailor’s selection of designer fabrics and bespoke garments at highly competitive prices.

With 20,000 fabrics to choose from – including designer textiles from the likes of Holland & Sherry and Ermenegildo Zegna – in a vast range of colours, even the pickiest customer would be satisfied.

“Demand has been increasing more and more quickly, because people are aware that it’s often cheaper or the same cost as buying a suit in a department store,” Daswani explains.

“So why buy ready-made when you can buy something that’s custom-fitted to your size and looks better?”

Bespoke suits start at £350 for lightweight fabrics and £435 for 100 per cent wool. Raja Fashions’ premium suits go up to £2,500, but the same garment could cost £12,000 on Savile Row, the tailor explains.

Raja Fashions is also promoting several special offers at the moment. Customers can buy two suits and two shirts from £580, six shirts or blouses from £298 and a bespoke suit with fabric by Ermenegildo Zegna from £850.

The biggest demand for Raja Fashions’ bespoke items in the UK comes from London, although interest is growing in other parts of the country such as Manchester, Birmingham and Cardiff.

When it comes to style, it completely depends on the individual, Daswani says, although he has noticed some UK-specific trends.

“Our younger customers in the UK like a very tailored look with narrow trouser bottoms,” he says.

“But when it comes to lawyers and bankers they want a more traditional silhouette, with a slightly less fitted look.

“And women in the UK often opt for trousers too as it’s cold.

“The winter colours are very popular right now – grey, black and navy.”

Bespoke tailoring is not limited to three-piece suits, Daswani adds. Sports jackets or trousers are often bought on their own, while other customers come in for cashmere wool coats.

“Shorts to trousers to waistcoats, you don’t have to buy a whole suit,” he says. “People are learning that they can buy a wide variety of outfits that are tailor made.”

Visit Raja Fashion’s website at or email to book an appointment.

Hong Kong main shop: 34-C Cameron Road, G/F, TST, Kln, Hong Kong.