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Peer2Peer Finance News | August 23, 2019

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Lendy introduces variable pre-funding for loans

Lendy introduces variable pre-funding for loans
Marc Shoffman

PEER-TO-PEER property platform Lendy has started letting investors set separate pre-funding levels for different loans.

Currently investors on the platform can pre-fund loans to guarantee an allocation on each project they are interested in on the pipeline.

Variable pre-funding has now been introduced, enabling investors to set separate pre-funding levels for new pipeline loan rates between seven per cent and 12 per cent.

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“Variable pre-funding was essentially introduced to give investors more choice in the way they pre-fund different loans,” a spokesman said.

“It’s also useful for Lendy, as it gives us a good indication of where investor appetite lies. It’s only just been introduced, so the plan is to evaluate its impact on the way new loans fill over coming months.”

From 1 September the platform is also introducing a new process on its secondary market where portions of un-funded loans will be put up for sale before lenders can sell their loan parts.

Currently, when a new loan is not fully funded, the “un-sold” loan parts are placed for sale on the secondary market at the same time as other portions.

But now the un-sold loan parts will now be put on the market first.

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“To adhere to our regulatory responsibilities in not providing credit to cover shortfalls, Lendy will be introducing a new process, whereby unfunded loan availability will appear above loans parts that have been put up for sale by investors,” a note to investors said.

“This is to ensure loans are completely funded, prior to sales occurring.”

The platform has also reported reaching 17,000 users and funding more than £327m of loans.

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