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Peer2Peer Finance News | August 18, 2019

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LandlordInvest trials dropping secondary market charges

LandlordInvest trials dropping secondary market charges
Marc Shoffman

LANDLORDINVEST has temporarily removed the fees on secondary market sales with a view to permanent removal.

The peer-to-peer buy-to-let platform launched its secondary market in May and initially charged sellers 0.5 per cent on their proceeds for selling the loan.

But investors were told on Tuesday that the charge will be removed until 7 September.

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“Pending the success of the trial, we will consider permanently removing the secondary market sale fee,” the message said.

LandlordInvest’s secondary market lets investors sell all or multiple parts from the same investment separately.

Loan parts for sale will be shown on screens along with the interest owed to the investment over the remaining term of the loan.

The sale price will be adjusted daily to account for the interest accrued to the seller on that particular date, as the loans available on the platform typically pay interest once per month.

LandlordInvest, which was launched in December 2016, has lent around £2m so far and funded its biggest loan at the end of July.

Investors backed a £740,741 bridging loan secured over a residential investment property in Wembley, Middlesex for a professional landlord.

56 investors funded the loan, including retail investors and pension schemes, within four days through a crowdfunding process. The average investment per investor was £13,227.50. 76.4 per cent of the loan was filled by standard account holders, with the remaining 23.6 per cent coming from Innovative Finance ISA account holders.

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