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Peer2Peer Finance News | August 21, 2019

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Assetz Capital becomes latest member of the Bud club

Assetz Capital becomes latest member of the Bud club
Kathryn Gaw

ASSETZ CAPITAL has become the latest peer-to-peer  lender to sign up to Bud’s aggregator service.

This follows the recent addition of platforms Proplend, ArchOver, Zopa and RateSetter earlier this year.

Assetz Capital has joined Bud’s Market+, an online and app-based service that allows users to connect and interact with a host of third-party services ranging from loans, investment and foreign currency.

As of Thursday, existing Bud users will be able to view their Assetz account details to their portfolio, and over time Assetz will achieve full API integration as well as offering special features.

“Bud has made great progress and is an innovative and forward-thinking money platform, similar in several ways to Assetz Capital,” said Stuart Law (pictured), chief executive and founder of Assetz Capital.

“We are always looking for new opportunities to partner with like-minded businesses and our collaboration with Bud will help to promote to consumers that otherwise might not have yet discovered Assetz Capital. We’re already in talks about working even closer with Bud going forward, so it’s a certainly a partnership to keep an eye on.”

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The partnership represents Assetz’ commitment to expansion, by opening up a possible new source of investors through Bud’s white label solution to banks. Bud’s discovery engine will also help to introduce individual lenders to those Assetz Capital’s offerings which meet their investment criteria.

“Assetz Capital is a very welcome addition to the Bud’s Market+,” said Alan Walsh, head of network and partnerships at Bud.

“The product offerings, management team, success to date and blue-sky vision of the future all add to the strong ethos of their business, and something we believe we can help them to achieve through the Bud platform. We are excited at the plans we have discussed to date and look forward to collaborating.”

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