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Peer2Peer Finance News | August 18, 2019

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EstateGuru investors have now earned more than €1m

EstateGuru investors have now earned more than €1m
Suzie Neuwirth

ESTATEGURU’S investors have earned more than €1m (£865m) through the platform to date, the peer-to-peer lender announced on Tuesday.

The platform, which specialises in financing secured business loans in the three Baltic states, is open to any investor who has a bank account in the European Economic Area member states – which includes the UK – or Switzerland.

The company boasts almost 6,900 investors from 39 countries, roughly 70 per cent of which are from Estonia. Lenders can expect an average interest rate of 12.63 per cent. At the end of March, EstateGuru announced that it had facilitated €20m of loans through the platform.

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The platform is now looking to expand into different markets and scale up its investment volumes, said its chief executive Marek Partel.

“During this year, we are aiming to enter a couple or bigger markets which we have prepared for nearly a year now,” he said.

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“Constantly increasing investment amounts and the high yield investors have earned during the past three years have generated an interest to invest into EstateGuru’s loans for several institutional investors.

“This is a clear sign of trust towards our risk management. Including bigger investors gives us the possibility to expand in a faster manner and offer our investors even more investment opportunities.”

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