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Peer2Peer Finance News | August 18, 2019

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New crowdfunding training course for business mentors

New crowdfunding training course for business mentors
Suzie Neuwirth

A NEW crowdfunding training programme for business mentors and advisers launches in London next month.

The course, created by The Crowdfunding Centre and continuing professional development (CPD) trainer Yvonne Bignall, will educate advisers about different types of crowdfunding, including peer-to-peer lending. It covers topics including the suitability of different types of crowdfunding for different scenarios and how to select the platform.

The P2P sector is keen to improve awareness and understanding of the industry, but the focus is usually on educating independent financial advisers, whereas this course is aimed at those providing advice to businesses.

The first session takes place on 2 May in London.

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“We’ve designed this course specifically for mentors and business advisers – from accountants to growth mentors – to enable the many advisers without previous experience to help clients access this new route to new and traditional funding,” said Barry James, founder and chief executive at The Crowdfunding Centre, which provides tools and insights for the industry.

James told Peer-to-Peer Finance News via email that the course would look at all forms of crowdfunding – P2P, donations, equity and seed crowdfunding – and put them into context with debt and equity.

“Credible business mentors should be in the know regarding raising finance via crowdfunding,” said Kerrie Dorman, founder of the UK’s Association of Business Mentors.

“We should be all over this for our clients and advising them accordingly. Otherwise we’re missing available opportunities on their behalf.”

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